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Fifth Class St. Brigid’s Crosses Feb 2012

How to make a Saint Brigid’s Cross

  •  What you will need:



Rushes (14)

Rubber bands      

  •   Make one end of each rush even.
  •   Get the strongest rush and put that one aside. (You will need it for later)
  •   Measure each rush, with a ruler, twenty-eight centimetres long and press very hard with the ruler until they have a visible mark in the middle.
  •  Cut where the marks are.
  •  Check if all of them are fourteen centimetres long.
  • Get the strongest rush and hold it in your left hand.
  • Get one of the small rushes and bend it around the strong rush so the edges meet.
  •  Continue bending the rushes around each other (Do it clockwise)
  •  Hold onto the ends of the last rush you put on, otherwise it will all unravel.
  •  When you have finished all the rushes, get the rubber bands and wrap them around the ends of the rushes.
  • Finally, cut off the ends so that they are equal length.

Good Luck!

By: Osas

5th class


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