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Fifth Class The Scarecrow Project Oct 2011

This year, Fifth Class engaged in a large Halloween construction project known as ‘The Scarecrow Project’. The pupils designed a life size scarecrow. They were displayed in the hall for all to see. Well done everyone. They look fantastic!

Scarecrow Homer


Homer is the name of our male scarecrow. We made his head by rolling paper and then putting a sack over it. We used buttons for his eyes and nose. I sewed his mouth using brown thread, and his moustache using black thread. We got him a long-sleeved shirt and jeans. We also got him a blue-checked hat. We stuffed his arms, chest and legs with straw. Then we put a waist-coat on him. We had a vote to call him Homer.


How to make your own scarecrow

 What you will need:

A wooden cross about 1½ metres long

Old jeans and an old long-sleeved shirt and a old hat {doesn’t have to be old}

Lots of straw and newspaper

 Strong string, needle and thread {black and brown}

Tape and a small sack

Three buttons, two the same size and one bigger than the others



 Step 1

Get the wooden cross and cover it with newspaper. Use the tape to stick it down and to keep it in place. Do the same with the head of the scarecrow.


Step 2

  Take the sack and put it over the scarecrow’s head. Sew in

  the eyes using the brown thread. Sew the moustache

  using black thread. Now you are finished the face.


Step 3

      Put the clothes on the scarecrow and then stuff with straw. Tie the ends of the arms and legs using the strong string. Now you have your very own scarecrow all you have to do now is name him/her. If you want a girl scarecrow just take off the moustache, add straw hair and girl clothes.


By: Paru

5th class



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