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First Class Write A Book Project Feb 2012

Every year, Dominican Primary School participates in The Write A Book Project which is a wonderful initiative organised by the Blackrock Education Centre. This project provides children with an opportunity to write and create their own book. It enables children to explore different genres and to engage in the important process of writing, including planning, drafting, editing, re-drafting, publishing & binding. Once completed, the books are swapped with those of another school, so pupils can experience the writings of other similarly aged children.

Here are the titles of the books created by the pupils of First Class.

Jodie: Polly Anna the Tooth Fairy

Chloe: A Trip to the Fancy Hotel

Aoife: Toffee the Magical Horse

Georgia: Emma’s Magic Doll

Savannah: The Lovely Picnic

Thomas: The Ninjas and the Skeletons

Charlie: A Day at the Zoo

Chloe: Poor Daisy

Justin: Alien Attack

Mathew: A Dragon Comes to School

Alizzandra: Ali the Ninja

Marcus: Ted and the Haunted House

Maisie: Sarah’s Holiday

Glen: A Car Race

Harry: The King’s Lion

Wiktoria: Cat in the Tree

Rafael: Picnic on the Moon

Katie: The Dancing Princesses

Alanna: The Princess and the Castle


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