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Fourth Class Music in the Classroom Nov 2011

Fourth Class visited the National Concert Hall on Thursday the 24th of November for Music in the Classroom.

                                  Our Trip to the National Concert Hall       

    Last week we went to the National Concert Hall. It was great. We left just after break at 11 o’clock. We walked down to Centra at the bus stop. After a while the bus arrived and we all got on the bus. It took about half an hour to get there. When we arrived, there were lots of other schools there. I knew a few people from my football team there. When we got in, a woman showed us to our seats. We were up really high in the balcony. There were really cool dancers and singers. At the end, they played the Indiana Jones theme song and two cowboys searched for treasure. Dalkey boys won the competition. They got curly wurlys. We won last year but we didn’t get anything! I couldn’t go last year because I was sick. Everyone said we got front row seats and everything. The theme this year was Toy Story. I knew most of the songs because I watched all of the movies. They were really good. It was the second best trip of all time. First was Croke Park, where we got lost.      


4th Class

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