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Ms. Hennelly’s Class Spring 2012

Growing and Changing

It’s Spring time now and we can see signs of Spring all around us! Trees are beginning to blossom and flowers are growing. In our school garden we can see many flowers, particularly Daffodils!

Spring is a time for growing and changing. Many baby animals are born during Spring, such as: Chicks, Lambs, Calves and Ducklings. They are looked after by their parents just like we were looked after by our parents when we were babies.

We are learning all about ‘Growing and Changing’ in our class. We have learned that when we were born we were babies. When we turned two years old we were called toddlers and now we are children.

We all brought in photographs of ourselves as babies and as toddlers and our teacher took a picture of us in school. We made a timeline with our photographs to show how we have grown and changed since we were born. We talked about all the things we can do now that we could not do when we were babies or toddlers. Take a look at our timelines!

For our St. Patrick’s Day assembly on Friday, the 16th of March, we recited ‘Téidí sa Pháraid’ for the pupils in Junior Infants to Second Class.


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