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Saving the Pigeon April 2012

Saving the Pigeon

On Tuesday Richard and I saved a pigeon. The pigeon had hurt its leg on the yard and Ms. O’Donnell asked us to help. So Ms. Bohan brought us downstairs, we went out to the yard and put the pigeon in a box. Ms. O’Donnell wore gloves because pigeons might carry diseases and we didn’t want to catch anything. We named the pigeon Richard. We brought it to the vet. The vet said that if it is badly injured they will put it to sleep and if it’s not badly injured they will let it go tomorrow. Ms. Bohan called the vet to see how the pigeon was doing and they said the pigeon was feeling better so they let it go. We were very happy to hear that.

By: Dylan and Richard (Pet Rescuers)

2nd Class


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