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Senior Infants Puppet Show Dec 2011

On Monday, the 12th of December 2011, Senior Infants went to see a puppet show in the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire. It was based on the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and featured special guest narrator Bosco.

Here is what the boys and girls of Senior Infants thought of the show.

I liked the part when Bosco came on. Robert

I liked the show but I was scared. Keisha

I liked the show but it was a little loud. Sophie

Snow White’s Mum was mean to her. Pia

I liked Bosco, the crow and the ladybird. Wiktoria

I liked the magic mirror. Jamie

I liked the magic mirror too.  Navaneeth

Bosco was funny. He kept hitting his head. Monish

Bosco was funny when he was sayig ‘Banana Head’. Cillian

I liked when Bosco said to Ladybird, ‘Come here you little sausage’. Veronica

I liked when the squirrels brought Snow White to the Dwarfs House. Bilal

I liked when the crow grabbed all Bosco’s things. Jacob

I liked when the ladybird was in the garden. Jonathan

I liked when Snow White ate the poison apple. Ashfaaq


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