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Sixth Class The Scarecrow Project Oct 2011

This month in 6th class we built a scarecrow. We study French so we decided to create a French style scarecrow. We all brought in different things to make him look as French as possible. Michael brought in a baguette, Laura brought a beret and I brought his clothes. We painted blue stripes on his shirt. Teacher bought a big bag of onions in Tesco and we made an onion necklace for our scarecrow. John, Amy G, Anna Mollie, Sophie, Amy K, Alec, Paul, Clare and I worked on stuffing his body with hay our principal gave us and straw Laura had for her gerbil! By the time we had finished our scarecrow, it was taller than Miss Fiorentini!!

Shannon does dressmaking outside of school so she stitched up our scarecrows so his stuffing stayed in place.

We voted on a name and our scarecrow was named “Nicolas”. He is now keeping an eye on our school hall with his other scarecrow friends! I can’t wait for our next construction challenge!!

By: James

6th Class


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