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Fourth Class School Tour May 2012

4th/5th Class School Tour 2012

 On the 29th of May 2012, 3rd, 4th and 5th class went on our school tour. We went to Dublinia. Dublinia is in Christchurch. In Dublinia we got to see how the Vikings lived. We went on a replica of a Viking longship. The longship held anything between 30-64 Vikings. The Vikings would have had to sleep on deck because there wasn’t a lower deck. They would have had a chest each or they shared them between two Vikings. Then we saw a Viking burial ground and Gunar being buried. Gunar is a Viking that archaeologists found. They saw that his right arm was bigger than his left arm which meant that he would have used his right arm for fighting. When Vikings died they were buried with their swords, shield and most of their possessions. If a Viking was very wealthy he would have been put in his ship and they would set it on fire. They also found Maggie’s bones. The archaeologist’s think she was in her twenties when she died. Then we went into a Viking house. Most houses were made of wattle and daub. The whole family and the animals were kept inside the house so it was very squashed. We went to a market. In the market there was amber, fur, clothes and jewellery and there was also a slave market. When Vikings raided they took people as well as gold, silver and anything that they could sell. Slaves who could write and/or read were expensive as most Vikings couldn’t read or write. Slaves who couldn’t read and/or write were sent to work on farms. Weaving was a very important skill to the Vikings because they needed to weave in order to make sails. Then we went into the medieval times. We went to a fair where they were lots of things like the barber-surgeon. Going to the barber-surgeon wasn’t very hygienic because he didn’t clean his equipment very well. Then finally we saw all the artefacts. Then we got on the coach to Cabinteely Park. We had our lunch and then I went on the zipline and there was also lots of climbing frames and a sandpit and a giant web made out of rope for climbing. This was a great school tour.       


By: Paru

   5th class       


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