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Fourth Class Tag-Rugby Blitz May 2012

Third and Fourth Class participated in a tag-rugby competition between some of the local schools on Friday, the 25th of May. Well done on coming second in the competition. We are so proud of you.


Tag Rugby


Tag rugby was fun but only thirteen people got to go. Nine people got to go from 4th Class. Only four people got to go from 3rd Class. We went on the 25th of May 2012. We were playing in Holy Child School. We came second and St. Kevin’s came first. I knew one person on St. Kevin’s team. We got there at 10 o clock and we had to wait for ten minutes for all the schools to get there. After the ten minutes we got told that we were going to be split up into two teams per school. Some kid from St. Joseph’s started cheating when we ripped his tag off him he said it fell off. We all had great fun. We got back to school at about 12:30. We were all really tired that we could barely play football in yard.  

By: Reece

4th Class


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