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Ms. Sullivan’s Class Write A Book Project Feb 2012

Every year, Dominican Primary School participates in The Write A Book Project which is a wonderful initiative organised by the Blackrock Education Centre. This project provides children with an opportunity to write and create their own book. It enables children to explore different genres and to engage in the important process of writing, including planning, drafting, editing, re-drafting, publishing & binding. Once completed, the books are swapped with those of another school, so pupils can experience the writings of other similarly aged children.


Ms. Sullivan’s Junior Infants have been reading the book ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. They chose different characters from the book and drew a picture and wrote a sentence about it. Ms. Sullivan gave the boys and girls a photo of the sock puppets that they made in January, which they stuck onto their page and decorated around it. It is clear from their book that a lot of time, hard work and teamwork went into their ‘Write a Book’ Project. Well done to all the boys and girls!




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