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Second Class Christmas Decoration Winner Dec 2011

Recycled Christmas Decoration Competition

My favourite thing at school is Art. I love drawing and making things with my hands. For the competition, I made a spiky Christmas decoration from old newspapers. I needed a pencil, scissors, ruler, thread, glue and old newspapers. First, you have to cut out ten circles from the newspaper. Then, you use your ruler to divide the circle into eight parts and cut them with the scissors. Then, you have to put the pencil inside each part and you roll it around the pencil. You have to do that for all the circles. After that, you put them on top of each other and then you glue each one separately. You put a bead onto the string so that you do not break the spikes.

You need help to make it. My mum helped me with it. It only took me half an hour to make. I made it at home and then I brought it into school. I gave it to Ms. Sullivan and it was chosen to be our school’s entry for the Recycled Christmas Decoration Competition. They rang my dad and told him I had to go down to the County Hall for the award ceremony on Friday, the 9th of December. There were lots of children from other schools there. They got a small prize, a certificate and an eco-medal. I waited and waited. Then they called out my name and I was surprised. They gave me a certificate and a trophy and an eco-medal. The girl that won the trophy last year, gave it to me. I can keep the trophy for one year and then next year I will have to give it back. They took lots of photographs. I am going to be in the newspaper too. Then my mum and I came back to the school to tell everyone the good news. I will enter the competition again next year.


Second Class

If you would like to make this Christmas decoration yourself, follow the website link below for instructions on how to do so.



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