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Third Class Write A Book Project Feb 2012

Every year, Dominican Primary School participates in The Write A Book Project which is a wonderful initiative organised by the Blackrock Education Centre. This project provides children with an opportunity to write and create their own book. It enables children to explore different genres and to engage in the important process of writing, including planning, drafting, editing, re-drafting, publishing & binding. Once completed, the books are swapped with those of another school, so pupils can experience the writings of other similarly aged children.

Here are the titles of the books created by the pupils of Third Class.

Marie Abigail: The Prince and the Princess

Albert: The Brave Knight

Aloisa: Facts About Cavemen

Rafael: Facts About Wild Animals

Jordan: The Party Recipe Book

Naveen: The Long Toothed Dinosaur

Scott: A Book About Man United

Seán: Facts About The Milky Way

Shaun: Me and My Brand New Austin Martin

Julia: Facts About Snakes

Robyn: The Tooth Fairy and the Human

Wiktoria: Yummy Cupcakes

Mégane: Love Baking

Hajjad: Queen Elizabeth

Phélana: Monkey Manic

Robert: Facts About WWE Wrestlers



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