Dominican Primary School Dun Laoghaire

Dominican School education is concerned with the education of the whole person. Within the school community we share our search for truth about God, the world, ourselves and our eternal destiny. We work in partnership with parents to instruct and educate the young people in our school. We encourage respect, responsibility, initiative, personal growth and leadership. Our school community is based on a sense of trust.

A message from our Principal

School Closed

Our school will be closed Wednesday the 13th of November 2019.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings will take place on the 12th and 14th of November 2019. School will finish at 2.15 pm. There will be no after school clubs on these days.

Prayer Service

We will have a prayer service in our school on Friday the 15th of November 2019 to welcome all our school community this year.