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Currently we are working on our fifth Green Flag – Biodiversity. Biodiversity simply means the incredible variety of life on our planet e.g. birds/animals/fish/plants/trees/insects etc.  There has been lots of work going on in the classrooms and I would like to thank the teachers for all their hard work too.  Classes have had workshops on biodiversity, gone on nature walks, planted bulbs and seeds, and learned about different animals and their habitats and much more. Our motto for this flag is ‘Let Life Live’

In 2008 we received our third Green Flag for Water.

In 2006 we received our second Green Flag for Energy.

In 2004 we were awarded our first Green Flag for efforts in reducing our Litter and Waste.

I am delighted to inform you that your application for the Green Flag has been successful. Your assessor and the team at Green-Schools were very impressed with your application, congratulations