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The Visit of Minister Lucinda Creighton

The Minister of State for European Affairs came to visit us on Monday April 16th.   Her name was Lucinda Creighton.  She is only 32 years of age.  She spoke to us about the importance of being a member of the European Union. The Minister looked at our Blue Star projects and was very impressed with all our hard work!!

Minister Creighton told us that she used watch the news a lot when she was our age so she knew what was happening in the country.  When she was in Sixth Class in school, her teacher took her and her classmates to Leinster House on a school tour.  She enjoyed the school tour very much.

We asked her about what she thought was best about being Irish. She said we are known for being good craic and for being sports mad!  Her favourite sports are hockey, rugby and Gaelic Football.  Outside of Ireland her favourite places are: Paris, Germany, Slovakia and Poland.  The Minister has to do a lot of travelling for work; she goes to visit the other EU countries.  We think that’s pretty cool!!  While she is in the other countries she works with ministers from the other countries.  Minister Creighton told us that we aren’t the only country in the EU going through tough times with money.  She explained to us what Ireland might be like if we weren’t EU members.  She also told us about the various EU structures.

She told us that she would really like to be Minister of Education some day.   The Minister would really like to see more languages being taught in schools. John Bruton, Angela Merkel Garret FitzGerald and Dessie O’Malley are among the people she admires.   She loves her job because every day is different.  She works very closely with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny.  Her office is close to his!  She also admires him very much.  If the Minister were to travel back in time, she would like to go back to the time of World War II; she is really interested in this time in history.

Before Minster Creighton left us, we presented her with a bouquet of flowers in the EU colours!! She loved them! We really enjoyed her visit and we hope she might come back to see us again – maybe to help us raise our Blue Star Flag if we are lucky enough to win it!!

By: Raphel

6th Class

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